A combination of stewed vegetables usually served as an accompaniment.

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The Ever-Present Ratatouille

A culinary emblem of Nice

Ratatouille is undoubtedly the dish par excellence and the most well known culinary creation in Nice, so it's not surprising that its full name ratatouille niçoise obviously denotes its origin. We are talking about a recipe that perfectly combines a variety of stewed vegetables: the original composition includes courgettes, aubergine, tomato, garlic, onion, and pepper but it's also true that there are other variations in which pumpkin, potatoes, and even meat is added. It's usually served as an accompaniment with other main products such as meat or fish, and it may be served hot or cold, although the latter is the most common way, since it used to be traditionally consumed during the hot summer months. Besides its characteristic flavour, what most attracts attention about ratatouille is the contrast of colours on the dish, and the textures of the vegetables when you try them. Needless to say each restaurant offers their own touch, which is why you'll always find new varieties.

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