The largest Russian orthodox church outside Russia, which is quite a symbol of the city.

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The St Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral

Contrasting with the surroundings

It turns out to be at least curious to see a church of similar characteristics in a country with such catholic tradition as France, and this isn't any kind of cathedral: we're talking about the largest Russian orthodox church outside Russia. Why was it built here? Some say that it was due to the continuous journeys that the imperial family used to do, and that it was built to pay homage to Prince Nikolai who died in this city. The construction of the church was finalised in 1912. It's not only the picturesque contrast with its surroundings that makes this church stand out, it's also due to the huge quantity of art that it stores, including works made of wood, icons and frescos brought here by Russian emigrants. The building has a noticeable Byzantine style architecture, and a large part is inspired by Saint Basil's Cathedral in Moscow, particularly the five domes and the crosses that crown them.

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