Forja Artística Arbizu (Etxauri) (Arbizu Artistic Forge) (Etxauri)

Pieces of wrought iron to decorate any part of your house.

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Forja Artística Arbizu (Etxauri) (Arbizu Artistic Forge) (Etxauri)

A trade that has survived over time.

The patriarch of the Arbizu family, Calixto Arbizu, founded the workshop and forge in 1928, which is named after him and was inherited by his son and grandson, who are also master craftsmen of iron. The Arbizu Workshops are located in the town of Etxauri, which is 13 kilometres from Pamplona and it's worth a trip to this rural place to find out about how a forge is run and to buy some of the works of art made of iron while you're there. Among their works of art, which may be reserved and requested to be sent to a destination by courier, you'll find standing lamps which are worthy of a castle, lecterns, crosses, iron fittings and almost any piece that you can imagine, extracted from iron. The technique, which the grandfather Arbizu taught his son, who in turn taught his grandson, ranges from stoke welding to engraving and embossing, among other specialties.

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