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Parque Fluvial del Arga (Arga River Park)

A walk by the river.

One of Pamplona's most calm and refreshing outdoor walks is the 'Parque Fluvial del río Arga', where this river follows its course for 12 kilometres, passing bridges, picturesque spots, gardens and nooks of the city. You'll be able to see canoeists training in these waters, which closely follow the cycle path route that runs along the river park. In the 1990s, recovery work of the riverbed was carried out, which is divided into four sections nowadays, passing footbridges and old restored mills. Along this way, you'll find the vegetable gardens of the Magdalena district, which are known for the quality of their fruit and vegetables, and its medieval bridge that crosses the 'Camino de Santiago' (St James' Way). Passed this stretch, the 'Parque del Agra' continues to ‘Aranzadi’ with its Roman bridge, on to the ‘Rochapea’ district and finally to 'San Jorge' (St. George).

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