A designer restaurant where you can sample the food and enjoy the variety.

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Bistrot Catedral

Where design and tradition come together.

The Bistrot Catedral restaurant is set in a luxurious area with its terrace in front of the basilica, making a striking contrast between the ancient architecture and its avant-garde gastronomy. It's a designer restaurant where you'll be surprised to taste an 'ajoarriero' (a dish of cod with oil, garlic and peppers) in martini glasses, cheese salads served in glass cups and a complete tasting menu of 'pintxos' (tapas) with micro delicacies. In the menu, they offer you the choice of a croquette (filled with your preference); a 'pintxo' (tapa), a main dish and a dessert with drinks included, but it's not a place to go to if you're really hungry as it's more about enjoying the chic design. The specialties of the Bistrot Catedral include brochettes and toasts, both hot and cold with typical products of the region. The strategic location of the terrace makes it the perfect place to try a cocktail from their menu as night falls.

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