Imagine what it's like to run in front of a bull but without risks.

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Monumento al Encierro (Bull Run Monument)

The safest bull runs.

As if time and action had stopped in a race at the ‘encierro’ (bull run) of ‘San Fermín’, with the bulls snorting at the back of the runners' necks, some have fallen and others are running towards the 'Plaza de Toros' (Bull Ring). This is the 'Monumento al Encierro', which is a tribute to 'los San Fermínes', made in cast bronze and measures four metres wide and 11 in length, with 11 young runners who run a herd of 9 animals that are hot on their heels. This sculptural complex that is located on 'Avenida de Roncesvalles' (Roncesvalles Avenue) is part of hyper-realistic contemporary art, signed by the sculptor Rafael Huerta in 1997 and expanded later by the same artist in 2007. The sculptor from Bilbao reflected the moment of climax in the ‘encierro’ and it’s meant to recreate the impact that it caused him when he first saw this festivity and to give the viewer the same impression.

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