Parque Eólico Sierra del Perdón ('El Perdón' Wind park)

Feel the wind and enjoy the views that this place has to offer.

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Parque Eólico Sierra del Perdón ('El Perdón' Wind park)

The force of the wind.

If ‘Don Quixote’ had known Navarre, he probably would have gone mad due to more than 46,000 square meters of stylized windmills, which are the main feature of the 'Parque Eólico Sierra del Perdón'. This surprising extension of wind technology is located in the town of Zariquiegui at 12 kilometres from Pamplona, and the views from its vantage point offer an extraordinary perspective on clear days, which includes the peaks of Urbión and Moncayo; the Pyrenees in the distance and even the Cantabrian mountain range. From the road at night, the landscape changes to take on a kind of science fiction look, as the windmills seem like an illuminated path in the middle of nowhere. The good wind conditions of 'Sierra del Perdón' also make it an ideal place for sporting activities such as paragliding and hang gliding, which can be hired from local professionals.

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