A workshop and craft shop created by two young entrepreneurs, for your purchases.

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Creations of young artists.

The artists Mikel Okiñena and Ainhoa Sánchez turned their passion for ceramics and wood into works of art, which they learned how to do at the 'Escuela de Artes y Oficios de Pamplona' (School of Arts and Crafts of Pamplona) and the Faculty of Fine Arts in the University of Bilbao, enabling them to open their own centre for the creation and sale of handicrafts in 2003, which is named Geroarte. The studio/workshop, which is located on the street named ‘calle Remigio Mujica’, doesn't only serve as a shop to exhibit their works of art on sale to the public, they also offer workshops for those little ones who are interested in handicrafts. Among the objects that you can buy here are clothes racks, table clocks, bas-reliefs and tableware, which are carved in wood with gouges and burins or pottery with the traditional technique of cylindrical forms and specific moulds that are created by the artists themselves.

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