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La Valdorba

Hiking around the area.

It seems like time doesn't pass by in the region of 'La Valdorba', in 'Garínoain', which is central to quaint medieval villages with large Romanesque remnants. In this valley, which is near Pamplona, you'll find architectural treasures with civil examples like the 'Hórreo (granary) de la Iracheta' and other religious Romanesque buildings, such as the churches of 'San Pedro Ad Víncula' and the 'Cristo de Cataláin', or the silent 'Cripta de Orísoain'. It's worth devoting several days to this area that offers cosy country houses, which are converted into bed and breakfasts, where you can stay and continue your trip. The Valdorba also hosts one of the best panoramic views in the area from the viewpoint of the largest wind farm in Europe: the 'Parque de Guerinda' (Guerinda Park). If you prefer mycological activities like truffle tasting, watching birds of prey or wild boar in their own environment, you'll find all of that here and much more.

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