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Centro de Vuelo Lumbier (Lumbier Flight Centre)

For the more daring types.

Have you ever piloted a microlight or have you enjoyed a 'baptism flight' over valleys and mountains? If you're not afraid of heights, the town of Lumbier, which is 37 kilometres from Pamplona and in the heart of the Pyrenees foothills, offers you the opportunity to become a pilot for a day. There is a regular bus service that will take you to Lumbier from the capital in just an hour and a half. It's best that you check with the Flight Centre first to find out if the weather conditions will allow the take off of ultralights in order to enjoy 15 minutes of the landscape at a height. The flight will take you up over the medieval castle of San Francisco Javier; the picturesque 'Sangüesa', the 'sierra de Leire' and the Pyrenees. You can also hire flight-training courses or extend your flight duration to your chosen destination.

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