The most personal work of Oteiza, in the place that inspired him.

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Museo Oteiza (Alzuza) (Oteiza Museum) (Alzuza)

The personal collection of Jorge Oteiza.

The journey to the rural enclave of Alzuza (eight kilometres from Pamplona), will take you to a relaxing environment of nature and to the house that keeps the largest collection of the artist Jorge Oteiza (1908-2003), which is exhibited in the museum which is named after him since its opening in 2003. The red concrete building, which was built by the architect Francisco Javier Sáenz de Oiza, accommodates Oteiza's home and more than 1,650 of his sculptures plus another 2,000 pieces of his experimental study, as well as sketches and collages. There are three routes running through the museum: the House, the Workshop and the well known Chalk Laboratory or 'Laboratorio de Tizas', as Oteiza called it, which was a nerve centre of debate and exchange with other creators and thinkers of his times. Oteiza was not only a sculptor; he was an intellectual and a thinker, which shows throughout his extraordinary collection of more than 5,000 volumes that form part of his documentation centre.

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