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Museo Pablo Sarasate (Pablo Sarasate Museum)

The life and work of Pablo Sarasate.

Pamplona-born Pablo Sarasate (1844-1908), the unforgettable author of 'Aires Bohemios', has his museum/tribute located in the 'Palacio de Condestable'. It's a captivating exhibition that traces his career from his early years such as 'Niño Prodigio' (Child Protegée), up to his consolidation as a violinist, allowing visitors to be entertained with photographs, sheet music, musical programmes, audiovisual screenings on his life and a selection of personal items such as his colourful Russian enamelled cigarette cases, reproductions of his legendary violins (because in some cases, the original was lost, like the one he won in the Violin Competition of Paris at 13 years old) or walking sticks that the dandy Sarasate used to collect (one of the best in the whole of Europe), who was able to memorize the musical scores without using the spectacles that he needed. The museum also includes the gifts, which he received from kings and emperors, among other curiosities that the violinist donated to Pamplona, shortly before his death.

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