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Museo de Educación Ambiental San Pedro ('San Pedro' Environmental Education Museum)

Learn how to care for the environment and have fun.

Located in the Old Monastery of San Pedro, on the street named 'calle Errotazar', the 'Museo de Educación Ambiental San Pedro' is a combination of ancient architecture of the 18th century with the cutting edge of environmental awareness. This museum aims to teach children and adults the benefits of sustainable education, through eight multimedia exhibition halls, with workshops of urban vegetable patches, signs of the human impact on ecosystems, the importance of recycling and waste control, as well as the study of noise pollution in cities. The 'Museo de Educación Ambiental' is at the cutting edge of Pamplona's collections with an 'Observatorio de la Sostenibilidad' (Sustainability Observatory), which measures the environmental levels of the city, as well as offering thematic workshops for adults and a documentary film forum each Wednesday and Tuesday afternoon respectively.

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