International dishes of quality and good taste in the centre of Pamplona.

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Tabla Tomasa

An international touch.

Since it's not all 'pintxos' (tapas) in Pamplona, there's the Tabla Tomasa restaurant on the street named 'calle Virgen del Puy', where you'll enjoy trying dishes of international influences with a local twist. Do you fancy some nachos or a Mexican salad; some 'huevos cabreados' prepared with scrambled eggs and a personal touch; quesadillas, chicken tikka masala, or vegetables with tempura? Everything is possible in this restaurant, which is located near Yamaguchi Park and it's always full, so it's in your interest to book in advance if you're going out for dinner. During the week, they offer a 'menú express' (express menu), which is very reasonably priced and at weekends, you can choose from an extensive menu that will make you wonder how to finish their generous dishes. It's best if you go as hungry as a bear, or to order less than you think you'll be able to eat, otherwise you'll never get to consider their delicious desserts.

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