Take a stroll through this park and go discovering all of its charms.

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Jardines de Taconera (Taconera Gardens)

A green oasis in the heart of the city.

The 90,000 square feet of lawn, plants and trees of at least a hundred-years old in the 'Jardines de Taconera', which are located in the walled environment of the historic part of Pamplona, are just as good as those in Versailles. It's a green area of the city that's been preserved since 1719 and is full of fountains and sculptures where you can spend a pleasant afternoon walk. Between its arches and statues, it's easy to find bohemians and writers looking for inspiration so that they can later write with a tea and a delicious cake in the 'Café Vienés' (Viennese Café), within the same Park. But if something characterises the 'Jardines de Taconera', its the ancient zoo, which is protected by moats where swans, peacocks, deer, pheasants and fallow deer, among other species, live in partial freedom and can be observed from the viewpoints. Among the sculptural jewels of the park, you'll find the well-known 'Mariblanca', which represents an allegory of abundance.

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