October 2012
Dear client,
Offer valid on direct flights operated and marketed by Iberia, British Airways, and American Airlines between the United States or Canada and Europe. The cabins and booking classes that are valid for Iberia are: Business Class (J,C,D,R,I), and Economy Class (Y, B, H); for British Airways: First Class (F, A,), Club World (J, C, D, R, I), World Traveler Plus (W, E,T) and Economy Class (Y,B,H); for American Airlines: First Class (F, A), Business Class (J, D, R, I) and Economy Class (Y), to book and fly from 25th September to 31st January 2013. These Avios will be accumulated and noted on your February 2013 account statement once the promotional period has finished. This promotion is not transferable and exclusive to Iberia Plus members in the United States and Canada. It is essential that you register in order to benefit from it. The promotion cannot be combined with any other offers valid during this period. Errors and/or omissions will be rendered invalid.
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