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Flight + Hotel with Iberia

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  • 1 Avios for every 1€ you spend on flight + hotel packages with Iberia
  • Plus, the Avios and Elite points you'll collect for the flight*

Make every trip more rewarding.

In addition to saving money, collect 1 extra Avios for every 1€ spent when you book your flights + hotel together (only for bookings departing from Spain). This is on top of the Avios and Elite points you'll collect for the flight* elements of your booking

*Check here to see the number of Avios you earn for the flight element.

There are so many tempting destinations to choose from, you’re sure to find somewhere perfect for you. We have over 11,000 carefully-selected hotels to suit all budgets and taste.

Save, accumulate Avios and make the most of your holiday.

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See Avios table

How can I earn Avios?

Step 2

Find your flight + hotel on the search box of Iberia.com and book your flights and hotel together

Step 3

Add your Iberia Plus membership number at the time of booking. The extra Avios will automatically be credited within four to six weeks of your completed holiday. For missing Avios queries, please contact +34 911776310 (No sales or bookings can be made using this phone number)

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