Relics from the 16th century up to the present day. Take a visit to the Municipal Market to see this museum, they are neighbours!

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Museum of Sacred Art

Religious imagery.

The Luz Monastry, built during the 18th century and declared a World Heritage Site, is home to one of the largest collections in Brazil of religious imagery; the Museum of Sacred Art. You will find both monuments near the Municipal Market, where you can also take advantage of your visit to the area to get to know this religious art centre. Chronicles say that its collection includes relics - from the 16th century up to the current day-: large Baroque alterpieces, paintings, sculptures and even some Russian signs and foreign documents that you can only find inside. In addition to the 4,000 pieces of preserved imagery, the museum is adjacent to the closed residence of the Hermanas Concepcionistas (Conception Sisters), who are responsiblefor developing and distributing here the "Friar Galvao pills" with alleged miraculous properties. So if you are a tourist curious about religion, this museum and its oddities are worth a visit.

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