Blessed Benedicto Martinez Angulo! Blessed gift! Blessed Esperanza!

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Bilbao Benedict Museum

The Love Story Museum.

This museum was born out of love. In 1990, painter Benedicto Martinez Angulo promised his wife the gift of a museum to celebrate their silver wedding anniversary. Seven years later, that day came in 1997, coinciding with their 25-year wedding anniversary. The painter came to Esperanza, his wife, with the keys to the art gallery. The museum boasts a wonderful collection of the painter’s works, donations made by his friends and colleagues and contributions from official organisations who reinterpret his works. Also, thanks to Esperanza’s wishes, entry is free and it is open to the public 365 days a year. The family offers a thought-provoking journey through art and culture, one of the main protagonists being Benedicto himself, who has achieved international acclaim. It is located at 55 Ipalaguirre Street, close to the Bilbao Corn Exchange.

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