This is the only black sand bullring in the whole of Spain, and it's got a museum!

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Bilbao Bullfighting Museum

A homage to Vista Alegre.

If you were a fan of bullfighting, you would know that the Vista Alegre Bullring is one of the main arenas of Spain. It has seen all the top names in its field throughout the ages. After a fire destroyed the old arena, the new Vista Alegra arena was built and has been running since 1962. There are 14,781 seats inside, so that many a spectator can enjoy the only Spanish arena with black sand. In 1995, the Bullfighting Museum was inaugurated inside vista Alegre, which was very important for fans of the sport, as its permanent exhibition takes you on an educational journey through eight of the most important bullfighting eras: the bullfighting Enlightenment, romanticism, bullfighters from the ‘Guerrita’ period, the ‘Silver Age’ of the Second Republic, the Manolete period, the 50s and the ‘El Cordobes’ period. The museum also displays various Goya works, heads of famous bulls, costumes of old maestros, such as the two donated by Antonio Ordonez, and a large photo and text gallery. Generally, the ‘Semana Grande’ festival brings generous donations to the museum from bullfighters.

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