This has been home to 2,000 paintings and sculptures, ornaments and metalwork since the 11th century.

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Bilbao Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art

Precious metal treasures.

The aim of this museum was to save and divulge the cultural heritage of the Diocese of Bilbao. Running since 1961, it used to be located on the lower floor of the Diocese of Bilbao. This was, however, too small and restricted a space. Unhappy with it, the Diocese of Bilbao declared its intentions of opening its doors to locals, and began searching for a more appropriate space. They used the Encarnacion Dominican Convent in the Atxurri district in the outskirts of the city, which was built in around 1515 to indicate the path to Castile. This building was forgotten about and, just when they were about to demolish it, they restored it to house the Museum of the Diocese in 1991. Its collection of over 2,000 exhibits date back to the 11th century, all the way to the present day. The continuous exhibition is divided into three parts: sculptures and paintings, ornaments, and metalwork. The metalwork collection is one of the most prestigious in Europe, and boasts exhibits from the workshop of Lucas Jordan.

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