Controversial and versatile, this museum has everything.

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Bilbao Museum of Reproductions

The doubles of great works of art.

Despite the controversy of exhibiting reproductions of works of art, the city council decided to approve of this museum’s construction in 1928. Sicne then, in three different locations, the city has offered the opportunity to see ‘copies’ of the most famous works of art from around the world, particularly those from Ancient Greek times and the Italian Renaissance. Many of these are displayed in large museums, such as the Louvre, the Berlin Museum and the British Museum. The Museum of Reproductions has been in its current location since 1957, and has since then served as a multidisciplinary building, where all reproduction collections are used for students studying Fine Arts at the University of Bilbao. It also houses themed temporary exhibitions of other reproduction collections, and has a space dedicated to a variety of cultural initiatives. We recommend having a look at the week’s activities, as their concert programme is very interesting. You can visit for free on Thursdays, so take advantage of that if you can.

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