Sitting on a bench in Moyua Square and taking in the majesty of the Chavarri Palace is a divine experience.

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Civil Government Headquarters

Three cheers for the Chavarri!

At the end of Gran Via, on the opposite side to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the road opens up into a large roundabout. Stop here and relax. This is Moyua Square. Enjoy sitting on one of the benches and observing the impressive building in front of you. It is thought that this building, which has been the headquarters of the Civil Government since 1943, was the care centre, general headquarters of the Red Army and military hospital during the Civil War and thereafter. Despite being the headquarters of the Civil Government, Chavarri Palace is also known for its name. The Chavarri family was one of the most important families in Bilbao. In 1888, Victor Chavarri make a large part of Bilbao bourgeoisie move to the El Ensanche district, which significantly boosted the growth of the city. He was also a key player in Bilbao’s industrialisation. This building was home to Victor and his brother, Benigno, but it was sold to the Basque government in 1939. The interior has still preserved all its original Flemish style décor. You must book your visit in advance, to discover the beauty of these five floors and 3000 square metres.

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