Take a deep breath of fresh air in the Doña Casilda Park.

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Doña Casilda Park

Thank you, Mrs. Casilda Iturrizar!

The Doña Casilda Park, or Casilda Iturrizar Park, is an enormous green space in the middle of the urban nucleus. It is located in the Abando district, next to that of Indauchu, and is an enormous park built on land handed over in 1907 by Casilda Iturrizar, a wealthy landowner in the city. This provided Bilbao with the only green space in the heart of the industrial zone, up until the city’s remodelling in recent years. This vast, English-style Park is home to several attractions. At the centre is a lake, commonly known as the ‘Duck pond’, which is the perfect place to relax and unwind. Concerts and theatrical performances are often held here in the Pergola area. On the other side is the Bilbao Museum of Fine Arts, built in the 1940s. During the summer months, many shows are held here. The famous Light and Water Show is held at the central fountain, next to the Tonetti monument. Spectators position themselves with the Sheraton in the background, to get the best views of the show.

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