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Drinks in the Old Town

Let's go for a beer.

The word ‘poteo’ is what the people of Bilbao call ‘going out for a few beers’. On weekend evenings, bars in several areas of the city are bursting with people snacking on tapas, drinking beer and eating dinner for many hours. The Old Town has a particularly good reputation for this, with the perfect atmosphere to ‘poteo’. All the bars in the ‘7 Streets’ area are highly recommendable, and are open until the early hours of the morning. This is where you will find places that have been running for decades, having witnessed the history of many artists of the area. Start crossing the bridge and visit the Umore Ona (‘good mood’), a small and friendly bar, famous for its music and carefree atmosphere. Wander around the city streets, but make sure to end your night at New Square. This is the hotbed of Bilbao nightlife, with several bars and covered terraces- don’t forget that it rains quite frequently in Bilbao!

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