This hotbed of culture is one of the most modern symbols of the city.

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Euskalduna Jauregia Palace

The curtain's opening!

The Bilbao Palace of Congress and Basque Music is, along with the Guggenheim Museum, the symbol of Bilbao’s modernisation and its entry into the 21st century. The building was designed by architects Federico Soriano and Dolores Palacios and built on the Basque Dockyards, which played a key role in the industrialisation of the region, since 1900. After it closed down, they began work on a new Palace, which revolved around the idea of paying tribute to these dockyards. The building is a gigantic boat, built on top of the dockyard’s dykes. It is unique in that it has two sides: one façade faces the Bilbao estuary, simulating the docking of this large ‘vessel’, and the other looks out onto the Doña Casilda Park, displaying this large (yet respectful to its surroundings) building, made with glass, aluminium and stone. Inside, you will find all the cultural activity in the city. Its numerous halls host concerts, exhibitions, and much more. This is the annual setting for the OLBE-ABAO opera season, hosted by the Bilbao Opera.

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