Home of Miguel de Unamuno

For lovers of classical Spanish literature.

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Home of Miguel de Unamuno

Number 16, Ronda Street.

Miguel de Unamuno, one of the most renowned writers of the ’98 Generation, is also one of the main symbols of Bilbao. It is hard to visit this city without running into numerous references to this author. He strongly defended his birthplace throughout his works. In return, the city has paid him several tributes, such as the Unamuno Square, at the heart of the city. What few people know is that just 100 metres from the square, at number 16 Ronda Street, you will find the house he was born in a lived in as a young writer. A commemorative plaque is found on the façade of the building, which he went back to after the death of Franco in 1975. He received the title of ‘illustrious person of Bilbao’, granted to him in the Second Republic, during the rapture of the end to the dictatorship. Lovers of literature can visit the bookshop next door, where the author used to spend his time and which is still open today. The writer is celebrated every 29th of September.

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