Clothing independent and distinguished women.

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A great union.

Jota+Ge is a merging of two Basque designers, namely Juana Ruíz and Garbiñe y Urdampilleta, who have created a feminine fashion line. These clothes reflect their ideas of an independent and distinguished woman. After having worked separately for several years, they decided to begin this new venture in 1985. It is now one of the most important, internationally acclaimed fashion houses in the country. Although you can find their clothes in several luxury shops, they have three shops of their own. One is in Barakaldo (Megapark Shopping Centre), in the outskirts of Bilbao, which you can get to by bus, metro or train in just a few minutes. The other shops are in Pamplona and France. Both designers have maintained a close relationship with the city of Bilbao, and have helped to internationalise the city’s name. They were also involved in the Guggenheim’s 15th anniversary campaign. During the Holy week, they participate in fashion days in Bilbao, where you can also find highly discounted clothing. You can find these unique collections in many shops on Gran Via, as well as in the Old Town.

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