Marmitako and Cod in Pilpil sauce (in the Old Town)

Bilbao recipes par excellence. Try these exquisite dishes and see for yourself!

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Marmitako and Cod in Pilpil sauce (in the Old Town)

Delicious "pil-pil" and marmitako.

These are two characteristic recipes of Bilbao, which you must try on your trip to the city. Marmitako is named after the metal or ceramic ‘marmita’ pot it is cooked in. Inside, you will find potato soup with onions and peppers, which is cooked on a low heat, adding slices of northern tuna. This recipe originates back to when fishermen on the Cantabrian coast would go out to sea for several days with a pot of cooked potatoes, to which they would add the fish they had just caught. Cod with ‘Pil-pil’ sauce is a combination of cod, olive oil, garlic and chilli peppers, and gets its name from the sound made when the ingredients are cooking in the pot. It is made in a pot of a large clay pan, and cooked on a low heat. Although this was originally a very spicy dish, it is now made with less spice to create a milder dish, perfect for any palate. Both these recipes are found in most restaurants and bars in the centre and Old Town.

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