Palacio now hangs out with the crème de la crème at Madrid Fashion Week.

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Miguel Palacio

Fashionable Basques.

Miguel Palacio is one of the names that promote the fashion world in the Basque Country, and the importance of its image in international fashion has made an impression on the city. Born in Bilbao in 1962, the designer created the clothing brand Palacio-Lemoniez, together with Fernando Lemoniez, in 1991. They went on to win prizes, including the ‘T de Telva’ twice. They separated in 1995, to begin their own fashion lines. Miguel Palacio dedicated himself to haute couture, focusing on modern, urban women. He prepared his line in Paris for several years, until 2001, when he bust back onto the catwalk with his own homonymous brand, Miguel Palacio. From then on, he has featured on all the main catwalks and has received very positive feedback from Madrid Fashion Week, as many women feel that they can identify with his clothing. You can find different collections by the Bilbao designer in many fashion shops on Gran Via. You will also see collaboration the brand has made with initiatives around the city.

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