Miriam Ocáriz and Elcano street

Communication and expression through its creations.

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Miriam Ocáriz and Elcano street


Miriam Ocáriz is the more relaxing side of fashion, amid the big designers in Bilbao and the Basque Country. In 1990, she launched the brand Monge-Ocariz with a partner, where she sold her designs. In 1996, she displayed her first collection at Barcelona Fashion Week, and was awarded the L’Oreal Paris prize in 2002 for best young designer at Madrid Fashion Week. She is known as the ‘pop’ designer of Bilbao, as her designs are inspired by pop trends, everyday elements and personal experiences. Just as she started out, she still uses the technique of serigraphy to print her clothing, which gives it a touch of exclusivity. The designer defined herself as a person who tries to use clothing as a means of communication, just like other people would use words. Her clothes are not aimed at a specific consumer, as her collections combine a mixture of styles, making every piece unique. You can find one of her shops in the middle of Elcano Street, which also sells an array of unique accessories.

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