Mundaka, beaches and the alternative waters

Its waves are heaven for any surfer.

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Mundaka, beaches and the alternative waters

Crystal clear water.

Mundaka is a small fishing village located 36 kilometres north of Bilbao, accessible by car or train. Etymologically, Mundaka comes from the Latin words ‘Munda Aqua’, meaning ‘clean water’. This is one of the most important and beautiful natural attractions on the Biscayan coast, with Bermeo to the east and Pedernales to the south. Boasting one of the most attractive beach zones in the Basque Country, it is world renowned for its surfing and hosts the annual Billabong Pro Mundaka surfing championships. The Mundaka waves are said to be some of the best ‘lefts’ in the world, so this is the perfect opportunity to try your hand at this sport. All the way along the beaches, there are several places to rent all the equipment you need for various water sports. If you are brave and love the sea, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to try all types of surfing. As this sport can be dangerous, we sincerely recommend being supervised by a professional, to get the best experience.

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