Enjoy works by el Greco, Goya, Zurbaran, Chillida and Zuloaga.

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Municipal Museum of Fine Arts

A touch of green between the Old Pharmacy and Moyua Square.

Between the Old Pharmacy area and Moyua Square, you will find the Municipal Museum of Fine Arts, another of the city’s large green spaces. The building and its gardens a worth a visit, even just on the outside. This museum holds an important part if Bilbao history, and is the result of a fusion between the Museum of Fine arts (founded in 1908, but only opened to the public in 1914) and the Museum of Modern Art (running since 1924). After the Civil War, Bilbao was looking to modernise, become renowned for its industrialisation and development, while preserving the culture and idiosyncrasies of the Basque society. Thus, in the years that followed the Civil War, it was decided that a building would be constructed to combine the collections of both former museums, which was achieved in 1945. The building became too small and was extended in the 60s. You may not have time to see all 8,000 exhibits, but you should see El Greco’s ‘Ascension’, works by Zurbaran and Goya, and the most important works in Basque culture, by Chillida and Zuloaga.

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