Need a new pair of shoes? You'll find them at La Palma!

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Old Town

A plethora of shops and bars.

The Old Town is the zone of the seven streets, from St. James’ Cathedral to the New Square. This is a large area of shops, open all day. One of its main appeals is the eclectic mixture of shops, from large brand-name clothing to local clothing shops, bakeries and many, many bars. Throughout the day, the Old Town sees hustle and bustle of locals and tourists, going up and down its streets. The most ‘alternative’ clothing shops are next door to one another, including La Palma shoe shop, which is a very well known shoe shop. In addition to the shops, pop-up stalls selling beads and accessories are set up on weekends (depending on the weather and time of year), where you can find souvenirs of Bilbao.

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