Going for tapas is a must in Bilbao. The seven streets area is the best for this.

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Pintxos and Tapas

Three-bite pintxos.

One of the first lessons you must learn in Bilbao is ‘going for pintxos or tapas’. The tradition is similar in numerous Spanish cities, such as Granada, Salamanca and Madrid. But the ‘tapas’ from the Basque Country have a great reputation, gained from hard work and experimentation. You are bound to love them. Going for tapas in the Old Town is one of the best ways to get to know the old area of Bilbao, commonly referred to as the ‘seven streets zone’. We recommend starting your gastronomic itinerary at the bars surrounding St. James’ Cathedral, where you can easily lose track of time. This area is a mixture of terraces, bars and shops, all with a beautiful stone backdrop. End your route in the area around Unamuno Square and New Square, which are bursting with life both day and night. We recommend sampling the seafood specialities, such as the beloved dish of ‘rabas’ (calamari), and remember the saying: “one pintxo should be eaten in only three bites”.

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