The largest covered market in Europe.

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Ribera Market

Iron and glass.

The Ribera Market is a very old market, which preserves the essence and the atmosphere of the original produce and antique market. It is located at the heard of the Old Town, surrounded by Plaza Mayor, Saint Anton Church and the bridge that leads to the other bank of Bilbao, taking you through the Conde de Mirasol walkway. Historically, this is where fishermen would load and offload their produce, as well as being the site for other activities, such as processions and the running of the bulls. The present day building, known as the ‘Iron and Glass Market’ (due to the materials used on its façade), was built right at the start of the 20th century. The building has been renovated and remodelled several times, and was in ruins and about to be knocked down. The most important remodelling came in the 30s, which sought to make it into a monumental building. This was not achieved, but its luminosity and mixture of styles have made it one of the most striking buildings in the city. Today, it is the largest covered market in Europe.

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