This is the perfect plan, combining traditional Basque food with culinary history and family secrets.

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Casseroles, roasts and great conversation.

Perro Street, at the heart of the Old Town, is one of the most traditional places for tapas and drinking. There is practically one bar every step you take. Among the multitude of establishments, which stay open for almost 24 hours a day, we recommend Rio-Oja Restaurant, a simple little local restaurant at number 4. Specialising in tapas and traditional Basque food, you can either order tapas or main dishes. It is famous for the enormous casserole dishes (‘cazuelitas’), used to cook the dishes of the day, which are displayed along the main bar. This allows you to see what you’re going to eat, what it looks like and how it’s being prepared. If you’re looking for a good chitchat, the restaurant staff will gladly recount the history of the restaurant and the recipes they use.

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