You can tell as soon as you enter that the Tarot is present in every corner of this unusual restaurant.

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Arcanos Mayores

Uniquely different and exquisite.

Peculiarity is one of the main dishes. However, it is accompanied by food. If you're around the Usaquén neighbourhood and don't know where to eat, stroll along Carrera 5ª to find this unusual restaurant. It is defined by tradition and tarot. From the table you can see the cooks' traditional dress, because it has an open kitchen. Added to this are the decorative motifs, which reflect the tarot tradition. Even the menu is part of a huge deck. If you can, try to get a table on the ground floor, as the cooking smells from the open kitchen can reach the second floor. When ordering, bear in mind that its main attractions are cheeses and lomo. However, you'll see that the menu contains other meats and fish traditionally served in the city.

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