Amazing places to play pool and drink refreshing polas (beer) in a student atmosphere.

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Billares Londres

Pool and polas.

Get ready to enter one of the most amazing places in Bogota. Billares Londres opened its doors on Bogota's Carrera Séptima (7th) more than half a century ago. Inside, games of pool are played alongside groups of young people drinking polas (as they call beer in Colombia). Its décor and music are what makes it different and at the same time characteristic of Bogota. From the entrance inwards, the walls are completely filled with a mixture of all cultures, from Roman to native African tribes, from India to motifs typical of Spain or London: no space is left unfilled. So it is typically Colombian, because of the mixture of many cultures. Los Billares Londres has become the most popular place for students and young people to start a weekend night out. And now, do you dare play a game of pool?

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