Ivory beads' (from a type of palm) and 'Werregues' (woven jars) represent genuine local craftsmanship. It's often best to buy them from mobile sellers.

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Colombian crafts

Artisan memories.

One of the Colombia's most emblematic products is its craftwork. It can be found all over the city, at different prices; this is one of the best ways to understand Colombian culture. Among the most popular pieces are the ivory beads: tiny figures sculpted in the seeds of the fruit of the ivory palm, named for their colour. Created by a complicated artisan process of drying and woodcarving, you will find them in an infinite number of shapes and colours. There are also the Werregue: ancestral baskets decorated with various symbols of pre-Colombian cultures. It is easy to find all sizes and colours imaginable but you should ask what the symbols represent. Then you'll know a bit more about Colombian culture and you'll be able to choose your favourite werregue. We recommend the mobile sellers' stalls around the Plaza de Bolivar.

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