House of Money (Casa de la Moneda) Museum

Whether you're 'numismatic' or not, take a look around this museum and discover the birthplace of the famous Doubloon.

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House of Money (Casa de la Moneda) Museum

Be careful numismatic collectors!

If you've never seen a numismatic museum, this is a good place to start. If you're a fan, you will find this exciting. It's best to visit when walking around La Candelaria. From the Plaza de Bolivar, it is only few steps eastwards along Calle 11. You can visit the Botero Museum at the same time; it is in the same building. When you arrive, look out for the posters: it's easy to miss the building. However, its location in the Casa de la Moneda is perfect. The building was one of the city's first colonial constructions, and possibly where the first gold coin of America was manufactured: the famous Doubloon. Since then, the area has seen intense developments in the manufacture and use of these. Here, you can see and learn about this development.

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