There has never been a battle without heroes. This monument honours those who fought for Colombian emancipation.

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Monument of Heroes

Latin Independence.

You can't truly get to know the city without knowing the history of its emancipation. In 1810, Colombia was the first Latin American country to give this cry of independence. Closely followed by its neighbouring countries, it began a series of battles that won its independence from the colonists. Today, these events are a very important part of national identity. Of the many monuments that are distributed around the city, the Monument of Heroes gets an honourable mention. Where the Chapinero and Barrios Unidos join, you will find this well of national cultural interest. On arrival you will see this area is presided over by a statue of Simon Bolivar, one of the greatest icons of the independence movement. As you approach the monument, you'll see that it is covered with inscriptions that remind us of the fallen and tell us about the most important battles of that era.

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