Musical folklore is waiting to be discovered as you stroll through the streets of Bogota. You will never forget the sound of the 'Bejuco del alma'.

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Music and Colombian folklore

To the sound of music.

As you will have already noticed, music pervades the entire city. It is common to see improvised performances and folk music in every street, parks, bar and plaza. This music has its own character because it is not played on standard instruments. It is common to find groups of musicians playing the Yagé, also known as Bejuco del alma: an instrument that comes from Colombian ancestral culture, crafted from a sacred jungle plant. This type of flute, made from hollow branches, is one of the foundations of Colombian music and they are easy to find in shops and stalls. You can visit the shops where Carrera 7 meets 22 and 24. These are a really good souvenir of Colombian culture and you don't need any musical training to play them. What is more, it is a nice decorative object, characteristic of the city and the country.

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