Parque de la Independencia

Colombia suffered for its freedom. That is why this city is full of symbols honouring this long struggle.

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Parque de la Independencia

A tribute to independence.

To understand the city of Bogota, as well as the large majority of South American cities and countries, it is essential to understand that they all fought bloody battles to achieve independence, mainly in the 18th and 19th centuries. This history is so recent that it still has a strong presence in the city, in its monuments, streets and everything related to society. Coinciding with the first centenary of Colombian independence, this park was opened in 1910 as a tribute to independence, to the fallen and to the Colombians. One of the sides is bordered by the Santafé neighbourhood. Its dimensions are so large that it has become a small city forest with a great diversity of tree and animal species. After going for a good stroll inside and resting in its small plazas, you can walk down to the city centre.

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