If you want to immerse yourself in Argentinean history, don't miss the pink-coloured government headquarters.

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Casa Rosada

Red and white unite.

Its striking façade will not go unnoticed, on a walk through Mayo Square. This building exudes history at first sight, and its appearance is extremely memorable. It is pink in colour, as it is said to be a mixture of the red of the Federals and the white of the Unitarians, who were present during the civil war in the 19th century. However, most people believe it to be the result of paint mixed with bovine blood, a common technique in painting history. The land that this building stands on has been the location for many official buildings since the late 16th century, when the royal Fortress was created, up until the present day government headquarters, which contains the President of the Nation’s office and witnesses many political debates and civil protests. If you’re drawn to the country’s history, don’t miss a visit here on weekends or holidays, to visit its halls, offices, vestibules and the museum. This is where a large part of Argentinean history is kept.

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