The most appealing aspect of this neighbourhood is its gastronomy. Your tastebuds will take you all the way to China.

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Chinese Quarter

North of the city.

This is a great way to discover a different culture, without leaving Buenos Aires. The Chinese community is concentrated in Belgrano, in the north of the city. Much like in other cities, a small slice of this vast country has been recreated here. The hustle and bustle in the streets and the smells of delicious Chinese cuisine add to the charm of this group of streets, which start at a traditional and monumental Oriental archway. Stir-fries, rice, seafood and white and red meat await you in the restaurants on Arribenos Street, which has welcomed other Asian cuisines with open arms. In the same vein, the community living in this neighbourhood has become increasingly diverse, which is why many have renamed it the ‘Oriental Quarter’. The best time to visit is on special occasions, such as the Bathing of Buddha, the Moon Festival or the famous Chinese New Year, which is celebrated in January or February.

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