Cinephiles must not miss out on a visit to this museum and discover the stories it tells.

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Cinema Museum

Pablo Ducrós Hicken.

A must-visit for cinephiles is the Pablo Ducros Hicken Cinema Museum. This is its full name, and is dedicated to the Argentinean essayist, academic and investigator whose wife donated his personal collection after he died. The centre was created in 1971, with the aim to preserve the country’s cinematic heritage, as well as broadening its recognition. Its opening was thanks to historians Jorge Miguel Couselo and Guillermo Fernandez, despite being initially a travelling exhibition, set up in different locations. Finally, in 2011, it was definitively established in the Boca neighbourhood. One of its greatest claims to fame revolves around the film ‘Metropolis’, by Fritz Lang, which was the first to be declared a UNESCO World Heritage. In 2008, the only full reel of the film containing deleted scenes from its release in 1927 was found in the museum’s archives.

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