Congressional Plaza and The Thinker

The perfect photo of both monuments is taken if you sit facing the path of Rodin's Thinker. What a picture!

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Congressional Plaza and The Thinker

Mariano Moreno and Crongressional Squares.

As you cover one of the city’s main arteries, namely Mayo Avenue, which connects the port to Monserrat, you will have to pass through Mariano Moreno and Congress Squares. Almost instinctively, you will stop here to take in the impressive Congress building, which presides over this green and brown plaza in the middle of the city. Inside, watching over the entrance is the Monument to the Two Congresses, which comprises several symbols. At the top is a female figure, representing the Republic, stepping on snakes that symbolise Evil and propped up by a plough, symbolising work. Surrounding her are other figures representing the Assembly of 1813 and the Congress of 1816, orator of independence. These figures are raised on an enormous fountain, which represents the Plata River, making it an authentic visual homage to the building of the Republic. Another monument on this Square is just a few metres away from the Congress, namely Rodin’s famous Thinker. This statue belongs to the ‘Dante’s Inferno’ group, and was made by melting down the original form, so it wasn’t considered a replica, but a variation of the same statue. If you stand in front of this statue, you will get the perfect photo of both monuments in a line, with the Congress in the background. Say cheese!

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