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El Ateneo

Majestic books.

When you pass number 1860 on Santa Fe Avenue in the Recoleta neighbourhood, you will be right in front of one of the world’s most spectacular bookshops. Situated in the old Grand Splendid cinema-theatre, it has preserved the majesty of the original building, which was inaugurated in 1919 and hosted some of the most important tango artists. Since 2000, El Ateneo has become the main (and largest) bookshop and publishing house, with branches all over the city, making up the Ihlsa group. The building was designed by architects Pero and Torres Armengol, and during its last reform into a bookshop, the original layout was preserved throughout the overwhelming 2,000 square metres it occupies. This included the central dome, painted by Italian Nazareno Orlandi, the curtain, the boxes and the stage, which is now the cafeteria. If you love bookshops, Buenos Aires has a lot to offer. You may also be interested in visiting the Classic and Modern Bookshop (892 Callao) and the Avila Bookshop (500 Adolfo Alsina), the oldest in the city.

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