A clear tribute to María Eva Duarte de Perón. Impressive.

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Evita Museum

Argentinian legend.

A symbol of Argentina and its citizens, admired by many of her compatriot, Maria Eva Duarte de Peron is the greatest legend ever to exist in Argentina. She managed to become this legend that we remember today, at only 33 years of age, seven of which were spent as the wife of President Juan Domingo Peron. This collection is dedicated to her and is more than just a tribute, as it combines her stories with the history of the country and serves as a reference to this era for generations to come. In its halls you will find some of the actress-turned-politician’s personal belongings. Audiovisual documents, photos, books, props, accessories and a vast array of outfits make up most of this 3,000-piece collection. There are also two other initiatives, which are worth a visit, namely the Travelling Evita Museum, which tours the country, and the Eva Peron National Institute of Historical Investigation, founded in 1998. Contact the museum to reserve a guided tour.

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